Copy-Right Copy-Wrong

By Larry Sakayama / Greg Trafidlo / Barbara Martin / Darrell Brown

Verse 1:

Goodlatte was born a Yankee

In Holyoke, Massachusetts 

His momma knew he was born to be 

The guardian of the muses

So she sent him to college 

And he got his B.A. in Maine in political science

Down from that mountain

With the law in his hand to slay the piracy giants

So he made his way down to the Shenandoah Valley

To do what had been destined 

To those who make the music

He's our Moses

Even better than Charlton Heston and the angels sing 



Chairman Bob

Get your hands in the mud Robert

Chairman Bob

Roll up your sleeves Bob

Say Copy-right yeah yeah

Not Copy-wrong no no


Verse 2

We're lost in the land of Goshen

But the Goodlatte guy is here (and that's good)

For every writer, singer, and musician

Producer and engineer

All we want is credit

Where credit is due 

But in biblical proportion,

There's a plague of locusts using hocus pocus to eat up our fair portion

We don't need no manna from heaven (no sir ) 

Don't let them use our music for free (that's right)

Use that chief of staff of yours to bridge that partisan sea

Come on now



Warren, Page, Rockingham, Augusta, Highland, Bath

Rockbridge, Amherst, Roanoke, Lead us down the path

Carry us back to old Virginny

Help us make more dollars and not just pennies

Carry us back to old Virginny


Repeat chorus

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