The Letter

 by Greg Trafidlo (With apologies to Wayne Carson)


You’ve no idea/ how much time I spent

To make the edits/ you wanted sent

You laughed and called it rubbish / nothing you would  publish

My contract/ went through your shredder


I thought I did/ a worthy job

You skewered me/ like a shish kabob

Why are you so rude? / Now I’m eating kitty food

Our bond’s/ officially severed


  Your registered letter 

Said I couldn’t send my songs anymore  

I took a ver-bal beatin’/ You said I should be greetin’/ at the Wal-Mart store……………..Anyway…


I got a lawyer. We will sue

I bet you’d turn down/ Shakespeare too

No longer your amigo, / to compensate my ego

I reject/ your rejection letter           (Repeat and fade)


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